Wakeboard’s Best Spots

In the picture don frenzen joining Cala pira’s perfect condition and our crazy driver Cristiano

We think Sardinian coastline has got thousand of beautiful spots perfect to be wakeborded! Here, we gonna show you some of our favourites spots.

Now let’s talk about some of these....1st. to catch is the perfect condition, sea flat as a lake – we use to say calm as OIL! - 2nd. Should find peaceful not crowded place, no boats so, who "wakes" can go straight up on his own direction.Our best & most famous spot is "Poetto",in front of the main beach of Cagliari, cristal and clean water : very good conditions with light wind and always good in the early morning. For that Poetto is rider’s favourite one.

In the east side of the pier of Cagliari harbour, in front of fisherman’s harbour of S.Elia there is another one good place to do wakeboarding, beautiful conditions with N, NW and NE wind but impossible with the ligth sea breeze we have here every day. The last one but first in importance –at least for a small group of Sardininan pioneers of this sport – is CALA PIRA. Located in the east coast of Sardinia, not very well known to everybody, is the perfect condition maker!

Quite peaceful place, with a ‘700 Spanish tower looking while you’re wakeboarding an uncommon pink sand color and never seen water so clean......

Dedicated to people who love risk there is the commercial port still unoperating. Very dangerous if the coastguard -always good with us- hits you,but always flat as a lake.

Better spend money buying petrol than paying a fine!!

Always remember to wear life jaket, the first aid box and first of all the licence.

See you in the next issue.......


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