Clearly roots of Wakeboarding are in surfing. Often, it is said, it’s something to do when the sea is flat!

Wakeboard’s first step is surfing the wake of the boat, thinking and trying to do some moves we use to do with surfboards. Also wakeboard’s oldest shape looks like a surfboard, they where called "skurfer" and has got some streps on the deck of the board so the board won’t fly out from the feet.

After few years things has changed and everyone feel wakeboard as a real sport.

Board’s shape turn into a skateboard looking-like (simmetric ), fins are in both side of the board, bindings looks like snowboards’one.

No one still surf the wake, but you use it as a small half-pipe to take you yo the most spectacular tricks: front flips, mobius, back rolls, 360 to 720, grabs and a thousand of other tricks that only wakeboard could include.

Doesn’t exist, as in surfing, a main direction GOOFY or REGULAR but you should learn going FAKIE "switching" on both directions.

Professional wakeboarders and good riders too, use to supply their boats with extended pylons -different heights - for fixing to an higher point the rope and big bags water filled for have an heavyer boat that means bigger wake!

These are some of the"ingredients" of WAKEBOARDING a beautiful always growing and turning better sport.

Photo: Marco Cincotti /spectacular flight of Federico Atzeri

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