Surf Story


In the early 80's, some boys from Cagliari, begun the risearch of the best Sardinian waves. Infact, the first spots were discovered : Chia, Poetto IV fermata ( Mario Mariani - Antonello Ciabatti - Maurizio Spinas - Graziano Lai- Giuseppe Meleddu - Diddo Ciani ) ; Capo Mannu ( Bobo Lutzu ) ; Racca Point (Andrea Racca)... In 1987 I decide to surf too (my nickname is Antonio aquilotto);and I meet very important persons : Gnomo,Krasy,Giorgetto,Antimo,Granchio,Carlo Marrazzi,Federico Atzeri,etc....At the beginning of the 90's emotions are at the top;the first stick and mute has been found and the surf trip in Oristano and Villasimius or Chia has been made. From this moment, the first contests take place. The period is cool the localism on the spots doesn't exist and the line up is not crowdy. But everything changes. Poetto's landascape many other surfers (Bizio,Albertino,Diablo, Carlo Pisano,Giacomo Paglietti,e many other surfers),and the spots in Oristano and Iglesias grow up too.The FISA (surfing national federation) born with the cooperation of the local clubs.The buisness takes off but in Sardinia all is different: WHY?

In the 1994 in Buggerru it conted for a competition of the European circuit (E.P.S.A). The end of the 90's has contributed at the increase of the surfer's number in the North of the island. (thank you to Enrico Lodi).however indeed it has also put a serious club to the organizational development (there is not business and any Sardinian federation , etc,etc...) I hope that we Sardinian surfers, join us to surf better the European wave of the year 2000 in the new millennium ,so that this sport continues to grow.


P.S. I apologize to all those people I didn't mentioned for motives of space , I know they surely have contributed to the growth of this sport .I hope to can dropp all those that have hindered the development.


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